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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Web Site Leads to A Cute Mom and Daughter Story

So after weeks of work, I am finally ready to debut Classic Sheitels newly updated web site, www.classicsheitels.com.

This was a long and fun process. We had a real photo shoot and there are so many people to thank: genius make up artist (and model) Chana Perel Benzaquen for making us all look so beautiful; photographer Alisheva Givre for the stunning pictures; stylist Karen Rabhan Green for setting the sheitels; and to our lovely models, Menucha S., Tova B., Chana A., and Miriam K.

In the next few weeks, we'll be adding pics of all the sheitels in the store so that customers can view and purchase them online. Share with all your friends from out of town so they can buy our stunning sheitels at amazing prices and sell their sheitels here!
Daughter Chana
Now, onto the cute story. So, stunning beauty Chana A. was pictured wearing a few different sheitels on the web site. Chana's mother Michelle, also a stunner, had long been devoted to a certain brand of sheitel (rhymes with "heavy"), but she loved the pics of Chana wearing an outrageously silky, light, natural looking, and chic ZAHAVA precut wig
Mom Michelle
So, Michelle came to Classic Sheitels with Chana to take a look. She tried on a few different ZAHAVAs, could not believe the quality, comfort, and price, and in short, she fell in love and replaced her "Heavy" with a ZAHAVA! 
She took it to expert sheitel macher Stacy Speigelman, owner of  LA Style, to have the cut tweaked to frame her face, and here are the results. You can judge for yourself, but I have to say that Michelle looks absolutely fabulous!

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