I really wanted to call this blog "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sheitels But Were Afraid to Ask," because there's such mystery about the sheitel industry.

So, here, and in my store, Classic Sheitels, I'm going to teach you about sheitels and empower you to spend wisely. My mission is to take the scary out of buying and selling a sheitel.

So read away, and feel free to get in touch. You can reach me by phone at 443-717-1111 or email me at lena@classicsheitels.com.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Mission: To Make Sheitel Buying a Low-Pressure, Reasonably-Priced, Pleasant Experience

Hi Ladies,

If you've ever spent a ton of money on a wig that didn't turn out well, this blog's for you!

People often ask me how I got the idea of starting a sheitel consignment boutique. I think it all started seven and a half years ago when I was a kallah. See, I knew nothing about sheitels, and my first one, at $1,800, was a bust.

I wish I'd thought to sell it. Instead, I tortured it through all kinds of recuts, and my beautiful 16" sheitel ended up a hatfall (which I NEVER wore!). I wish I would have been able to visit a consignment shop--a low pressure, friendly environment in which I could have experimented with all kinds of wigs. I wish buying a sheitel hadn't been so scary and expensive and mystifying.

Like, what does it all mean? Open weft, silk top, hand-tied, European, cuticle, processed, skin part, sewn forward, tangling, virgin hair, girdle cap, and on and on and on... And why, when we are spending thousands of dollars, is the customer service often less courteous and flexible than at K-Mart? 

Here at my boutique, we teach you about sheitels and we empower you to spend wisely. So, in a nutshell, that is why I opened Classic Sheitel Consignments. My mission is to take the "scary" out of buying a sheitel.


  1. So great that you are doing this. I was so lucky that my earliest sheitl buying experience was with a woman in Cleveland who just sold the sheitils & was not doing cutting, or on-going care. So she was very happy to tell me, "It's just hair. You can wash it, you can blow dry it, you can cut it." A lot of sheitl machers (wig sellers & wig hair dressers) want to mystify the process & make you feel like you are not competant to care for your own sheital. Education is great & empowers people! WTG

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